B. 1984

Born in Thibodaux, Louisiana and currently based out of Dallas, Texas, Jammie Holmes is a self-taught, Neo Expressionist painter with an impressive, raw and powerful portfolio of work that boldly addresses religious, political and contemporary issues that are passionate to him.

Through his seemingly expert use of color and recurring symbolism, Holmes creates pieces that provide viewers with a look into his complex mind. In comparison to his normally stoic and reserved demeanor, his works are bursting with expression. Although his pieces are beautiful at first glance, a closer look will uncover a darkness and vulnerability that are uniquely his.   

Born of a Sierra Leonean father and having grown up impoverished in Southern Louisiana, his bold and expressive paintings are true reflections of his upbringing and social events around the world. 

Despite not having a formal art education, the value and reach of Holmes' work is steadily increasing, thanks to a growing number of notable private and celebrity collectors both in the United States and internationally .

His work has been showcased at Art Miami during Art Basel, at Church Boutique and Band of Vices Gallery in Los Angeles, at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery and Stella Jones Gallery in New Orleans, and abroad at Mega Art Gallery in Italy. Holmes and his artwork have appeared in publications such as Sugarcane Magazine, D Magazine, Paper City Magazine, and PATRON Magazine.   

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