My artwork can best be described as a symphony of colors that depict raw emotions which are inspired by personal views and global events. It takes a critical view of religious, political and contemporary issues, deconstructing reality to evoke emotions, ideas, responses, action from people, and reproducing familiar and recurring themes in form of conceptually layered scenes that people can relate to. My media of choice is acrylic and oil pastels on canvas, a concrete and somewhat repetitive approach to actualizing my thoughts which frees my imagination and provides opportunities for accident and chance to influence the final product. 

When I create art, it is as though I have been commissioned by the children and adults that grew up like me; not only from my city, but from across the world. I am merely an instrument giving voice to those who are voiceless and vulnerable, those who can’t speak out against the injustices happening to them, those who have no choice or say in the matter: from the kids in the ghettos of Louisiana to the child soldiers in Africa. I paint in a stream of continuous flow which is influenced by raw emotions, making sure to never get too attached to previous layers. Instead, I let them guide me as I continue to add images, symbols and words in the quest to convey the message burning inside my head.

While some of my pieces have hidden words within them that blend ideally telling of a much deeper story, some have other paintings beneath the final layers of paint that are just as powerful as the image in front. Each piece has a soul, taking a little piece of me and the world upon its completion. My goal is to empower and educate people by sharing my life through my artwork, borrowing a leaf from my greatest inspiration’s book, Gordon Park’s body of photographic works.

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